The Plan for Growing Your Business

LongWater understands that long-term value is not created by how a company is capitalized, but rather by investing in the right people and processes to establish the bedrock on which to grow and thrive. With this in mind and with the help of our in-house Functional Area Experts, we develop a customized playbook for each portfolio company in partnership with our management teams before we close each deal.  The result is an agreed upon blueprint to unlock significant value and set each company on a course for sustainable and profitable long-term success.


We’re thrilled and excited and beaming! We already had a great company, but we can’t wait to grow even faster with LongWater’s support.
— Sarah Elder, VP and COO of Kalisher

This is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of our family’s business, and a fitting capstone on the successful careers of an older generation, my father and uncle. Thanks to LongWater’s commitment to our growth and continued success, M3 is now positioned to serve our customers into the future with the quality and service that they have come to expect.
— Chris Mammen, Board Member and Owner of M3 Glass Technologies