Family-Owned Manufacturing Businesses with Tremendous Growth Potential

We love working with family-owned businesses because their owners are passionate about the things that matter  –  their employees, their customers and their legacy. We invest in American manufacturing because we see robust long-term growth and believe the industry is well-positioned to benefit from access to new technology. If this describes you and your business, we would love to learn more and discuss a partnership with LongWater.

Investment Criteria

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U.S. Based Manufacturing

American manufacturing is experiencing a renaissance. We invest in businesses that are poised to grow and have natural barriers against low cost foreign competition. 

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Lower Middle Market

For us, helping a small business grow is fun. We look for companies with EBITDA between $2 million and $10 million and the potential to grow far beyond where they are today. 

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Family-Owned and Operated

We partner with families and owner-operators to help their businesses grow.  Aligned interests are paramount to a successful partnership, so we ask all of our partners to maintain a personal investment and involvement in the business.

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sustainable competitive advantages

We target companies with clear competitive advantages and a defined position in the market that is resilient under multiple market pressures and that is sustainable over time.

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compelling organic growth

We look for businesses that play in attractive end-markets and that are well positioned to grow with additional investments in people, processes and technology.

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Controlling Ownership

We require a controlling interest in our portfolio companies and encourage significant investment from the incumbent family and management teams.

Partnering with LongWater

Watch the video below to learn more about what LongWater looks for in a partner, how we work with our management teams and our vision for leaving a positive impact on our partners and our businesses


Previously, my impression of private equity had been negative. But, ultimately I saw an opportunity for Circuitronics to go through its next stage of evolution with LongWater. If I had to do it over again with LongWater, I absolutely would.
— Jeff Forbus, Former CEO of Circuitronics