Access to World-Class Expertise

Our strong belief in servant leadership and desire to be an invaluable resource for our portfolio companies led us to assemble a team of highly experienced and talented subject matter experts to serve as full-time, dedicated resources for our portfolio companies. Our Functional Area Experts have spent years, and in some cases decades, honing their crafts at businesses of all size, shape and form. They are available at a moment’s notice and share our passion for building great American businesses. Our management team partners view them as extensions of their own teams and call on them early and often to help with current issues as well as recurring strategic initiatives. Having access to such a high-dollar and world-class group of experts is a major competitive advantage for our portfolio companies and is a key reason why our companies chose to partner with us.

The functional area experts have had a huge and immediate impact on our business. We never would have been able to bring in such talented experts before partnering with LongWater.
— Chris Mammen, Board Member and Owner of M3 Glass Technologies