November 2009

Exit Date:

December 2014

Revenue and EBITDA Growth 

Revenue increased 4x and EBITDA increased 9x during our ownership

Streamline Operations

Overhauled a 100,000 square-foot facility to create a lean, streamlined operation that lowered the total cost of production across all product lines

Financial Controls

Implemented a new ERP and accounting system to provide real-time financial and operational performance tracking

Create a Sales & Marketing Strategy

Invested in a new sales and marketing team and overhauled the go-to-market strategy

Energize the Work Environment

Remodeled the old office space, creating a bright, energetic workplace that enabled the company to hire young, talented employees

Pursue Add-on Opportunities

Acquired Asymblix, a rapid prototyper, which allowed Circuitronics to vertically integrate and capture more value from each sale