LongWater Opportunities was founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs Jordan Bastable and Brooks Burgum who had a vision to create a different kind of private equity firm – one that centers on mutually aligned interests and investing patient capital to build successful American manufacturing businesses. The founders successfully proved their concept over the next five years and have now replicated the model on a larger scale.

Today, LongWater is an operationally-focused private equity firm based in Dallas, TX with an office in Fargo, ND that targets control equity investments in family-owned and operated U.S. based manufacturing companies. We have a diverse team with a passion for building businesses and working collaboratively alongside our management team partners to solve problems and execute the Strategic Playbook established for each company. We believe in servant leadership, which means that we are here to serve our companies, not the other way around. We live this through our team of Functional Area Experts, who are highly experienced operational professionals solely dedicated to serving our portfolio companies. Our operational approach as well as commitment to invest in people, processes and technology at our companies is a proven formula for sustained success.

We are looking for companies and partners who share our passion, want more than capital in a partner and who see value in collaboration, alignment of interests and commitment to execute a shared vision.